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[land]Ingvarr is at #CryptoSummit 2018 hosted by #SmartValor in Zurich

Ingvarr is at #CryptoSummit 2018 hosted by #SmartValor in Zurich. The Conference has gathered together more than 1300 participants all around the world. Among them: crypto investors (Tim Draper), already completed ICO Projects (Civic, Tezos) and numerous ICO start-ups, crypto VC firms (Outlier Ventures), crypto Hedge Funds (TaaS Fund), decentralized Exchanges (Ambisafe Financial, Distributed Lab), different service providers such as Bitcoin Swisse AG, Pfeffer Capital LP, banks (Credit Suisse, Falcon Private Bank) and others.

The things under discussion now in Switzerland are:

1. Global state of Cypto by Blockchain Research Institute and Bitcoin Foundation

2. Global competition for a leading blockchain hub and if Switzerland will lead the way by Swiss Government representatives

3. Lessons Learned from Investing in Crypto by Tim Draper

4. Real Assets on the Blockchain: merging the real and crypto Economy

5. Venture Capital vs ICO by Outlier Ventures and others

6. The Rise of Crypto Hedge Funds by TaaS Fund and others

7. Recipes of Successful ICO`s by Tezos, Civic and others

8. Blockchain and the society.

A bit of details on the lessons learned from Investing in Crypto by Tim Draper

· We are all in crypto age now, which is much bigger than the Internet age;

· We used to fight to be admitted to a jurisdiction, now the countries have to fight for us, providing the most favorable regulatory and competition regimes to an investor;

· Blockchain is a perfect ledger: health records, dietary, travel arrangements etc

· New approach to government regulation now must include a “no traditional banks” approach.

· Do it! Invest in crypto-age!

A bit of life hacks (from Swiss perspective) as to what the elements of a Successful ICO are:

· The future is for IPO made through tokens;

· There should be an already functioning platform for tokens to be qualified as utility;

· Mandatory legal advice is need now to compose a white paper;

· SAFT is dead on arrival, it does not work;

· The two main regulatory approaches should be applicable: technology neutral regulation (Switzerland) and light regulation (Lichtenstein);

· The law enforcement should be in place to create necessary legal clearity;

· Liquidity on exchange listings is, of course, needed after the ICO to get more attention by the community;

· A fair price for consulting services for your ICO should be somewhere of 5-8 % of the sum of the placement;

· The future is for exchanges trading security tokens (and many banks are interested).

A bit of valid points on the social role of Blockchain:

· Crypto-capitalism provides personal freedom;

· National currencies is a very slippery concept as digital does not always mean fair with the governments acting as an issuer of this instrument;

· Registering proof of title on blockchain is revealed to be quite useless in most of the cases of application.

Despite of the low current bitcoin exchange rate the event was much appreciated and attended by great deal of crypto entrepreneurs from all of the world.