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We are surfing on the edge of the new initiatives in the blockchain and cryptowave

We are surfing on the edge of the new initiatives in the blockchain and cryptowave. #Ingvarr is closely following the development and proposals in the regulation. The Forbes Conference is yet another opportunities to meet the key players and discuss challenging / trilling questions.
It's great that Russian projects are already well-equipped to provide valuable practical insights!
#ForbesConf has covered the hottest and the most controversial matters of blockchain industry nowadays such as:
1) Regulation of crypto assets and crypto infrastructure;
2) Exchange of cryptocurrencies into fiat currencies and its problems;
3) Cybersecurity.

Russia keeps on accumulating practical knowledge in various spheres where blockchain and crypto assets can be used. It includes projects in food industry (#LavkaLavka), transportation and logistics (S7 and Alfa Bank case), banking (#Sberbank, one of the major Russian banks, is currently testing different projects focused on blockchain technology). Blockchain is coming to health (Robomed Network) and energy-intensive industries (Petrolium Trading Platform).

The audience of prominent international and Russian blockchain companies and projects was assembled by Russian Centre for Innovation, Research and Competences in Blockchain. Among them #NEM platform - secure, scalable and flexible blockchain platform, which provides a wide range of services worldwide. As well as several Russian reputable blockchain projects and companies #Blackmoon, #Bankex, #GroupIB and others.

Blockchain promised to change the world... and it actually does step by step.